Monday, January 26, 2015

75 lb Military Press,handstands,barbell hack squats, floor pushups, hip sled

VERY solid press workout today. Best yet. I backed off the weight to 75 lbs and really focused on a better position in the rack as well as the overhead.Went slower and really worked the press instead of just trying to 'make' it :)
Definitely had the effect I was looking for much more solid overall.
Shoulder held up fine from the weekend, it had to be the pullups that yanked it last time.

Military press
stick x 10 x 3 + rack stretches overhead
45 x 5 x 2
65 x 5
75 x 5 x 8 sets

 got the bar to actually touch my chest on some of these, that's huge. Looking at this and all these videos, and how good my shoulders feel pressing like this versus with the kettlbell it really stood out to me that the arch has a big thing to do with it.
In these, as well as my powerlifting  bench press I always need a big arch to feel strong and packed in the shoulders. If I don't have that my shoulders KILL< just like when I was benching,
If I lost my arch I could press nothing.
This is almost a like a standing bench press to me and things are really opening up from it.
also got my wrist straighter in the rack position as well. felt much stronger and easier on my left tricep. Haven't been able to do this til now :)

5 sets
3 against the wall
2 free

used bosu ball to kick off of. spotted
Now it seems the floor handstand is easier to obtain than against the wall. the bosu ball really helps as well at least for now.Forcing my legs onto the way pushes me into a ROM that I don't have right now.
good to know
Also, note to self, do more stability ball walkouts and pike ups during the work day.

Barbell hack squat
55 x 15 x 2
75 x 8 x 1 ( WOW this was hard on the lower quads!)
55 x 15

solid work here quads especially lower and frontal are growing very well!

Floor pushups
15, 15, 12, 12
medium grip

these went GREAT. Triceps are really showing up too. Feels good to have this muscle back again I've missed it.

Hip Sled
112 lbs x  250 ft x 4 laps

this was strong today. felt a lot of glute work

very very happy with the start of this new buildup. have made solid progress in technique, mobility flexibility,loads and muscle size.



Lars said...

What are your toughts on a programming for beginner home-based gymnasts? How would you lay out a Programm? I have rings, bars, paralettes and climbing rope.
Would be nice to get your opinion.
The push ups i mentioned days ago go like that: lay down, hnads in PU start Position, push up, go down, lay complete oin floor, release Hands for short time and push back up. Thats one rep.
Makes it harder on a muscular side but easier for maintaining good form.
Are you able to do one leg dumbbell deads?
What i miss in your Programm is forearm work, with roller for example. But maybe that fucks your whole shoulder girdle up. Is it?

Mark Reifkind said...

I can't imagine trying to learn gymnastics at home without a coach.I only trained for all around competition with a coach and team so I have no idea how to approach it. I would suggest an adult gymnastics class at a local school- at least to get started.

I know Coach Sommers has a good book out on gymnastics training perhaps that would help

Yes I can do one leg dls and like them but haven't put them in- I get so much hamstring and hip out of all my swings

Last thing I need is more forearm work. All the heavy one arm swing work kicks the hell oout of my forearms and yes, when they get too tight it messes with my shoulders but that is a natural bodypart for me, I've worked it hard in bodybuilding and gymnastics and it doesn't need any more time from me