Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Ruck- The Next Level

Well I don't know where the hell that came from :) Started out fast, got faster and finished very strong.Twelve full laps and almost everything was a personal best! It was very cool, almost effortless and my body did exactly what I asked it to do.
Very much a throwback to my ultra days when I felt I could just run and walk forever. I definitely have jumped to a new level of fitness it seems.
This is how it usually happens, you train and train and train and nothing seems to be improving strongly and then BAM, you are instantly at a new level.

When I was cycling it was like that too. Up until I could ride 100 miles everything below that felt tough. Then I went past 100 one day, way past, and then everything up to 100 was easy. SEGA- welcome to the next level :) ) old persons joke.

Got out extra early today and did the first 2 laps in total darkness but it was very cool out which helped. I love being out before everyone when the air is clean and cool and everything is quiet.

here are the laps
 1-3 started at 8:30 and dropped right away to 8:20
4/5 8:20- 8;15
6/7 right up to 8:10 and very easy too
8 7:55 ! ties PR
9 7:50 even easier
10 7:40 all time PR
11 7:38 didn't even try for this was thinking about slowing it down!
12 8:00 definitely a cool down lap didn't want to be TOO greedy.

two hours five minutes with 11 sets of squat holds as well. three stances

feel great now. most excellent.

at one point almost felt like I could run. and the 39 lb pack felt LIGHT.



Morgan L. said...

What distance is each lap?

Mark Reifkind said...

not sure. My pedometer was off and then I stopped using it.

Chris said...

Really encouraging to read - great stuff

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Chris appreciate it. Wish I had your scenery to hike in though.