Saturday, October 04, 2014

First workout back from Croatia SFG 32kg one arm swings/transfers/pushups and crawls

First workout back after a full week traveling to and from Croatia for another level 1 cert. It was a great time; met old friends and excellent new people, I had a blast teaching new candidates and initiating them into our family of kettlebell instructors.We had no travel delays, great weather, time to adjust once we got there and our host Sasa Rajnovic treated us like royalty; picking us up from Zagreb( a 1/5 hour trip each way) as well as taking us back  after the cert was over. What a nice guy and an excellent instructor. This was Sasa's first time teaching at a cert as  Team Leader and he really showed he knows what he is doing as instructor, as well as an athlete.

We got an apartment with a much better view than last year and everything worked great.My knee and back were perfect the whole time.

My shoulder was 'out" for the first two days then Alexandar Miketa worked on it and then things just settled down.
Aleks is one very strong and competent coach as well. Here's an impromtu 36 kg kb press for a triple during a break at the cert. Aleksandar weighs about 165 lbs

Really solid guy on all levels and a good friend.
Also last year's student and this year's assistant Tiki Fere brought Tracy and I this amazing piece of art. I will cherish this forever :)

TONS of walking to and from Croatia as well as while we were there, all the while carrying my 26 lbs pack with Zero issues. Very happy I trained for this and it went off exactly as I had hope. Felt very strong the whole time.

Monday off to Zagreb for what was supposed to be R & R but turned into a working holiday with an impromtu workshop at CrossFit Zagreb, Marino Basic's place. It was actually great fun although they made me train :) It's an amazing setup. their crossfit box is about 6000 square feet INSIDE of  20,00 square foot sports facility with tennis courts, olympic level wrestling  club,table tennis club ,running track etc.! giant  place and very well equipped.

Pretty simple stuff: Deadlifts from 5-10, then hike swing parks, then dead stop single swings, then a 10-20 rep two hand swing ladder. Simple but not easy :) Especially since it was 7 pm at night and i was not in the mood to train :)
Oh well. sucked it up and got it down. Loved that even though they were Crossfit they go smoked :)

Then they took us out to eat at a traditional Croatian restaurant and it was perfect. Lots of meat bread,veg and wine and serious old school ambiance.What more could I ask for?

The next day Tomislav Dolusic took us on a in depth tour of the old city and it was just classic. Love these old cities just brimming with so much history and stories

The next day they interviewed us for their website and asked us both back to do a weekend seminar workshop next year! Very cool, now just to find the right time!

Finally back on the plane for 20 + hours of travel which I dealt with stunningly well if I do say so myself

NOW to my workout

Haven't really worked out in a week so I wanted to get back on the horse but not kill myself. It's not just about going light it's about not doing too much workload in general.


30 minute am roll stretch and hangout

Two hand/one arm swings
16 kg x 5/5/5 x3
24 kg x 4 two hands into 5/5 one arms
28 kg x 4 + 5/5
32 kg x 4 + 5/5 x 10 sets
140 reps.

have to get this workload back into more significant volume
24 kg x 35 reps

this was a good work set everything feeling right

CB arm cast
20 lbs x 10/10 x 3 sets

straight bar pushups
3 x 10

crawls 3 x 50 ft

datsit. A  nice little work load to kick start me back into heavier work Tomorrow ruck weighs in at 38.7 pounds and we will see how many laps I do


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