Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sunday Ruck. back in the saddle

Love this creed.

Well all that rucking around airports and Croatia seems to have paid off: my leg and back conditioning felt great this morning! The pack weighed 138.7 and seemed much lighter than before I left, lol.

First laps were around 8:25s , much faster than usually with no more effort. Started dropping into the 8:15s quickly and held out there until the last two laps; eight and nine, where they dropped into 8:05 range.

I choose to stop there, an hour and 35 minutes just to be safe and load back up slowly. I choose more weight rather than the twelve laps.  few hours later all is well.

Bodyweight this morning was 160.2. I actually lost a pound on this trip. I think the weight I want to live at is between 155 and 158. For me,lighter is better but I'm not going to force things. With all the heavy bells and leg work, plus now added pressing the extra weight is muscles but I still have lots of bodyfat I can drop.

OK tomorrow is back to presses and pushups


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