Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Ruck back on track

Solid one today. Not having to deal with such heavy loads yesterday helped I'm sure. Felt strong with a very fast pace and extra energy at the end as well

Laps 1-3 about 8:25 pace
          4-6 8:15
           5-7 8:10
           8 8:05
           9-10 8:00
           11 7:55
           12 7:45

Not a pr on any one laps but definitely the best average overall with not feeling dead at the end as well.
12 sets of 30-45 sec pole squats as well after each lap.
These are getting deeper and stronger all the time

barbell presses tomorrow!



Hunter Jarvis said...

Hey Mark. As someone who has used clubbells before, what would be an easy way to incorporate them into my week? I plan on implementing the S&S protocol, but would like to use clubbells sometime some how. Not looking for long training session either, as I am working ten to twelve hour days. Thanks Mark.

Mark Reifkind said...

If S&S is the main course, pick one clubbell exercise to use at the end of the session. You can switch clubbell exercise for each S&S session.