Monday, October 06, 2014

55lb Military press, air squats, floor pushups, hip sled

LOL it's a PR :) But it is. Shoulders have felt great since I got back to the cert and it definitely dawned on me it might be because I've done so little training. But that never really helped in the past. Everything seems more 'square, plumb, and neutral' this last week and it seems like things are "in the socket" more than ever. Even my back. Glenn said my lumbar para spinals seemed almost even in size today. I can't remember when that was the case.
Full stretchout this am but truth is, didn't need much work as everything felt very relaxed. I only stretch to relieve the muscle tightness if it is there. If not I leave things alone. Very light stretchout today and nothing overhead.
Didn't want to jinx how good the shoulder was feeling

Military press
 two hand swing warmup :3 x 10 16 kg

35 lb x 5 x 3  started too high not warmed up enough for this but after three sets it's ok
45 lb x 5 x 3
50 x 5 x 3
55 x 5 x 2 PR !!

didn't gauge ceiling height right, obviously but the press felt not bad at all, and it got better each set. still need more warmup . The setup here is definitely not good. might do these early at No Ex.Have to get my grip in more to keep the forearms more vertical. Thinking about going up in weight too much, and not about the groove.

Air squats
 25 x 1
30 x 1
35 x 1
40 x 1

eh. not sure if this is the move. definitely got into some depth but I want to train to keep my chest up more and I don't think I'm ready for just bodyweight. not hard though

floor pushups
4 x 10

these were solid and the scapulae were working really well together. No should pain but they were tired and started to be unstable after 10 reps/

Hip Sled
95 lbs x 250 ft x 4 laps

these were easy. My leg carry strength is good after the vacation :)

working my way back in slowly Wed is max vo2 again at least a try. playing around with the routine a bit but it's all good. want to add in kb front and goblet squats somewhere.


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