Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday ruck; easy day

Didn't know exactly how this would go, given that I missed last weeks walk.Yesterday's work was tough but strong and I wasn't sure how that would effect today. Not to worry, everything went very well. Started off slow, as usual but the legs felt loose and relatively fast for about 3/4's of the walk.
Then my right ankle started saying hello, nothing serious but just a little wonky so I decided to do just nine laps instead of ten and that proved to be a good choice. Ankle is fine but I didn't want to push anything at all. I am more concerned about giving my feet and ankles time to adapt than my knee.

I haven't walked or conditioned my feet for beans for the last 25 years and the last thing I want it to tweak something there that prevents me from walking or hiking, so make haste slowly is the rule to live by. Small issues with small bones in the can turn into giant pains in the asses and I'm not taking that chance.

I walked 1 hour 35 minutes with the 30 lb pack. Got a solid stretchout first as well. the squat stretches went well also. Got deeper faster and easier than ever, in each stance as well.This is definitely the way to go for me. One rep strength did zippo for my leg functionality, size, endurance or useable day to day strength.

My legs were best ,most functional and most balanced when I was a bodybuilder doing tons and tons of reps and exercises , but even MORESO when I was an ultra athlete doing serious bike riding and climbing. Nothing built my legs and calves up better than that. Nothing before or since.They were functional pistons of power :)

datsit. heavy snatches tomorrow so got to prepare for that as well.


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