Wednesday, April 09, 2014

First running steps. 24 kg snatch, 24 kg goblet squat,farmers walks

What a day! Had a solid 1.5 hour break this AM and really put it to good use. full lower and upper body stretchout, mobility work and leg drills PLUS my first real "run" in 27 years! hahahaha, that's crazy to write much less think about.
I used to run A LOT. Twice a day, seven days a week for almost two years. I once ran 50 miles by myself just to see if I could and I did a marathon race 6 months after taking up running. I loved to run and even though I wasn't fast I could go forever. For that reason ultra marathon events appealed to me and I studied the sport and the people and their training methods intently.
One of my big influences was Marine ultra marathoner Frank Bozanich. This guy was not just a skinny marathoner but a muscular tough marine. that's what I wanted to be at the time . He did 100 mile runs like they were nothing and had a look of a fighter.
But the main thing was the incredible freedom of movement and travel running gave me. All I needed was some shoes and shorts and the world was my gym. I used to travel around town running and walking for quite awhile and would often run to and from friend's house to visit them.
They thought I was crazy when I told them how I got there and they were right. It was 1978/79 after all and running wasn't anywhere near as popular or common as it is now.
In fact most runners were thought of as very weird indeed.
But I weighed 135 and it wasn't easy to get dates at the time being short, skinny AND broke so I went back to bodybuilding. If I would have kept SOME running in the mix I would have fared much better down the line imo but bodybuilders didn't run and my obsessive perfectionism told me I couldn't  either so I didn't .
But I could.
Until one day I couldn't and I really knew, in my heart, what I was missing. Then I started to having dream where I was running and it was glorious. I could run effortlessly, strongly and forever and I also woke up feeling better until I looked down and put my weight on my knee and knew it was a dream I really wouldn't ever do in real life again.
Until today.

I've been doing the 100 ups for months every day and lately they turned into 100 up minor then major for another 50-100 steps and all of a suddent I could run in place! It was real running too
Then I found myself just, kinda, striding out as I walked down the length of the studio using the Pose method. I would just lean more and more as I walked and as I started to fall I let myself break out into a trot!
It was great and I knew I could  run more than 5-8 strides but I didn't want to be greedy and go too fast.
I had Curtis Cramblett of R.I.F. physical therapists check out my stride and he ok'd it as not too bad.

Then today after a full leg/ squat stretchout and mobs I did the above. That video was probably the third take and it was intoxicating. I really was afraid to really "do it" as I wasn't sure how the leg would hold up but I just wanted to keep going :)
My brain knows how to run that's for sure but I have to go slowly.

Really slowly as the implant is not going to like it in the long run but a little is fine.I have to get in some shallow water and practice my gait there, with no impact. That's coming but today was an amazing day.

But I can analyze my stride with the video and that is giving me tons of data already.


16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 4/4
24 kg x 6/6 x 11 sets
132 reps
6996 lbs

these were tougher than expected. I was stiffer than expected from Monday's workout as well as the mornings running. But it warmed up well and by set five I was feeling the groove.I guess I hadn't spent enough time on opening up my upper body but it's ok

Goblet squat
16 kg x 5 x 2
20 kg x 5
24 kg x 5

WOW. these were deeper and easier than ever! Using starrets jump stretch band squats seems to have done something interesting to my squat depth I was lower easier than ever. Very fun

Farmers walks
2 24 kg x 200 feet x 4 laps

wow this was tough! concentrated on using a hook and not a deep grip as well as keeping the arms locked out completely the entire time.  I think this is a keeper. feels like even though it works the grip it will also help stretch out the biceps/forearms more.we'll see tomorrow.
so far the S hook teres release is doing the trick and the right shoulder is as pain free as it's been in 8 months.



you never know when you are going to have an epic day. :)

Rif the racewalker. another incarnation.


Morgan L. said...

Every 10,000 mile journey starts with the first step! 24kg for 132 joke!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks morgan, it wasn't that bad at all. I will get back to 200 reps in my 24 kg workouts soon.