Monday, April 07, 2014

...and be ready to grab it when Grace lays it down in front of you.

Surprisingly great press day today ( the title could be a giveaway) even though I didn't realize I was pressing and not snatching until mid morning :) I wrote I had to prepare for a 24 kg snatch workout today, and was, until this AM when I realized I had to press and not snatch. Much relieved although I felt very recovered today any way.

My shoulders have been feeling as good as they have in years lately as I've been religious about releasing the teres major with the S hook device and that seems to do the trick. That, and the straight arm ring work have been magic.

I just lodge that ball in any various parts of the teres that light up and hold it there til they calm down. And then so does my shoulder.

But I was still surprised when my press warmups went great and when I got to the work weight, the 28 kg, I did doubles instead of singles and thought I could have done triples easily as well. BIG difference.
I had to rotate less to get under it,the elbow didn't spin out so early or so much and the overhead position on both arms was much better.
When you least expect it :)

But I grabbed it

KB Press
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 3/3
24 kg x 2/2 ( a sign)
28 kg x 2/2 x 5 sets
24 kg x 5/5 x 1 ( easy! could have done 8-10 each ! So weird.)

KB Cleans
32 kg x 3/3

haven't done this in years as well. getting tight with the weight before the press and feeling  zipped up is EVERYTHING in my press. I've only been feeling that full body connected tightness in the last few weeks. I took for granted all the strength I had gotten from 21 years of bodybuilding and powerlifting. It lasted a good long time after I stopped the barbell but it finally gave out the last two years.
It's finally started to come back again since I got my new knee! Just in freakin' time, too. It was close. :)

Belt squat
40 kg x 10
         x 12 x 3 ( each rep touched the floor and paused!)
this was crazy deep and strong as well! weighed 160.4 this morning, heaviest in a long time and bodyfat was the same as it's been. that left leg must be growing :)

DB laterals
4 sets of 12 with 12 lbs

these even felt easy and good. shoulders did this movement with the best mechanics in years. that's a sign

sled drag
92 lbs  250 ft x 4 laps

up on toes and leaning in. feel like I can run with it

Neverquit ( you just never know when things will turn around !)


Kettlebell Courage Corner Seattle WA said...

Very inspiring post Mark. Love your attitude. One foot in front of the other, you get knocked down, get up and do it again. Lots of practical applications in training to apply to life in general. Well done. Now keep going!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Chris. of course I'll keep going. I've already gone through the tough terrain :)