Monday, April 21, 2014

Looks like it's going to be a leg day

Monday's session that is. Tried all kinds of variations on a theme instead of kb pressing and nothing worked.
Two clubbell swing overhead, one clubbell swing overhead, floor handstand, even barbell overhead press. nothing felt right.Not even snatch holds. I even tried some kb presses again with the 16 and it just isn't right anymore.
I settled on some close grip pushups to the horizontal parallel bar and that was easy BUT, it's really not progress able unless I want to build the reps and I don't. My shoulders won't like that that's for sure.
So I needed a center piece of today's routine, a theme and then I realized today just has to be a leg day. I will start with db kb front squats, which are certainly progress able but really work my arms and core more than my legs , then go to belt squats with the 32 kb for high reps which will definitely challenge my legs with lactic acid as well as my ROM.

I didn't want to focus on kb front squats before because I wanted something that will work legs more but this way I get it all. the skill and progress able strength of the front squat then the burn and pump of the belt squats then putting it together with the sled.
Will see how it goes next week but this is my best bet:

One arm swing
two hand swing
Clubbell shoulder park squats

KB front squat
belt squat
Ring or Floor KB tricep extensions

Goblet squat
Reverse sled

Belt squat
24 kg x 10
32 kg x 10
40 kg x 10 ( bell is hitting floor too soon!)
48 kg x 8 x 3
32 kg x 12
         x 20

either I have to stand on plates or the 32 kg is largest bell I can use to maximize depth.

pistols( supported)
3 sets of 3
actually not bad at all :)

Sled drag
92 lbs x 250 ft x 4 sets

strong and easy

also, full leg and upper body stretchout this morning including 15 on bike, up to level ten and back. very strong legs are feeling very solid no problem recovering from yesterday's hike


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