Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Ruck and three stance squats

Great walk today! A solid one hour 45 minutes and I finally was able to finish strongly, as opposed to just slogging in :) Legs still felt good at the end and neither ankle gave me any trouble. Lap speed started slow as usual- about 8:20 per lap, but the last three were right around the 8 minute mark and I wasn't trying to speed up, it just happened, as it should.

Each lap I did my squat stretches and narrowed the stances down to three: close stance for seiza, medium stance as for my front squat and a wide, horse stance  for that type of adductor/glute strength/stretch. All felt solid and my squat is at a new level as of the last few weeks.

Shoulders still holding up great  and the back is good as well. Didn't feel any residual from yesterday's workout which is the goal.

Back to building forward momentum :)


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