Friday, July 25, 2008

Today, the heat won.

Damn, what a difference 30 degrees hotter makes,lol. Now, I'm exaggerating that it was 30 degrees hotter than yesterday but the San Jose studio is always way hotter than Los gatos and when it is packed, as it was today, it just gets WAY hot.
Still had some good spots, got both standing bows for the full minute for the first time ever and got the full 30 seconds on the second set as well which is also a pr but man I was fading fast. This is the first time I looked at the clock and realized, to my dismay, that I was only HALF way through, lol. And I was worried about the second half.
With my mat turning into a wading pool lots of the poses were just hard because I couldnt decide to try to hold them or go swimming. If the water wasn't so hot I would have chosen the swim.
My lower back was tight from the get, though, probably from wednesdays snatches so I was careful about pushing all the flexion poses but I got through fine. Tomorrows 20 kg hi rep snatches should be very fun though. Still have lots more calories to get into tonight though before I get to sleep. Ideally todays class would be earlier but life isnt like that, as I well know, so you just get er dun and see what happens.
Definitely more tired than yesterday on top of the extra work with the heat. Just gonna make me stronger.If it don't kill me first :))


I now realize that part of mylower back tightness, and the tightness in general was due to the fact I did virtually NO z drills all day. Some days I do tons with clients, but yesterday I had lots of new people and didnt get the chance. wont happen again, doing the z drills early makes a big difference in my practice.