Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Team Rif KB Workshop in Wine Country.

Kettlebells in Wine Country : The Team Rif Kettlebell Workshop.

Swing, Snatch, Press: The Perfect Combination.

Mark and Tracy are pleased to announce their first dual workshop in beautiful Healdsburg, California September 6 and 7, 2008. Come train with us in the middle of wine county and learn the basics of the RKC way to swing, snatch and press a kettlebell as well as fundamental information about injury prevention , how to use the foam roller as well as Tracy’s unique program designs for losing bodyfat using her original high volume swing training. Learn how just these three movements and one kettlebell can transform your body, your heart and your fitness program for LIFE!
This five hour seminar on Saturday PLUS an additional Master class with Tracy Sunday morning will be just $195 for those that sign up Sunday July 27th and Monday July 28. After that the price will be $245. I guarantee that you will get your moneys worth and more! We can only accommodate 20 people so make sure you get in quickly! This will fill up fast.

We will cover:

1) The Basic Kettlebell Swings; techniques, corrective drills, individuation for specific body types and how to maximize the most basic of kettlebell movements for a lifetime of results.

2) The Tsar of Kettlebell lifts: the Snatch. How to learn it quickly and easily, how to control the all important down stroke and how to train the lift for maximum cardiovascular, fat burning and muscularizing results.

3) The Press: The King of Kettlebell strength moves. Learn how to use the whole body to energize the press, how to protect the shoulder, and all the variations needed to keep your progress going with just ONE kettlebell.

4) Length Tension Relationships: Learn the basics of this all important concept for balancing the body’s muscle systems and staying injury free at work and during training.

5) Foam Roller: Learn how to use this simplest of massage tools to assess and address muscle tightness’s and imbalances BEFORE they turn into progress stopping injuries.

6) TracyStyle Swing Progressions: Learn how to take the three basic swing movements and program your training for YEARS of non stop progress and fun and exciting combinations. If your goal is fat loss and serious toning you HAVE to have this information.

7) The Master Class : Come out Sunday morning and take a swing class with Tracy and put Saturday’s information into practice. See the exact routines and techniques she used to lose over 100 pounds in less than a year and transform her body. Learn just how efficient (and tough) basic swing training can be when done in this new and exciting way.

Where and when:
American Karate Academy
Address 424 Moore Ln. Healdsburg, CA 95448
Saturday Sept 6th : 9 am- 2 pm +
Sunday Sept 7th 10-11 am Master Class

How Much:
$245 per person

How to Pay:
Just click on the Pay Pal buttons at the top of the post

Cancellations: Please note that cancellations MUST be made no less than one week prior to the date of the workshop. We cannot offer refunds after that, sorry.

Questions: Please contact Mark at 650-273-2637
Sign up now, can't wait to see you there!
Mark Reifkind Senior RKC
Tracy Reifkind RKC


ericc said...

Rif this might be the best "bang for the buck" workshop offered.

Great deal!


Jordan Vezina said...

Looks like it'll be a good time. You'll be up in my neck of the woods. :)

Taikei Matsushita said...

Good luck!!
Finally got to meet Tracy last month and recognized why you two combined would be invincible.

Please post some video clips if you can.

Mark Reifkind said...


good to hear from you my friend. thanks for the encouragement and kind words.We will definitely put up some clips of the workshop and class

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, its a smoking deal. the fee for tracy and I together for an hour is 200 bucks and this is more than five times that amount of time. plus healdsburg is really beautiful place. the russian river area rocks.we love to go up and just spend time.

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