Monday, April 03, 2017

Sunday ruck, easing back

Spring has sprung, the house across from mine :)

A day late on the report but it was a good ruck. I knew I had to take it easy coming back, and I was right. I had thought 1.5 hours would be about right and it was about 10 minute too much, lol.
Eight laps was good, the last one was actually tough! Shit, take ONE little down week, not even OFF, and  you lose so much condition. Ack

SO I'm glad I took it slowly

50 lbs ruck
9 laps
1.5 hours
8 iso squats

BW 164.3
BF 11.4
W 56.8

I guess not being able to really train legs for enduance for over 20 years took a toll. It'll be awhile before the conditioning really sticks


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