Saturday, December 17, 2016

44kg One Arm Swings 10x10,Barbell hacks, Sandbag pushups,side delts

This went very very well. It also showed me how important rest is in this process. My three day forced taper, even though it involved alot of travel, little sleep and weird food really let my body recover a bit and today's workout was positively easy.
Of course it was only the 44 kg and not the 48 but still, it felt like a toy and I had the best height and acceleration with it ever. Plus, cardio was STRONG
We finished the 10 sets in 13 minutes and we could have pushed it under 10 without breaking a sweat.

Of course it could have just been a good day but I know when March test comes I'm taking the Wed and Thursday workouts out and just resting.

One Arm swings
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
28 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 5/5
36 kg x 5/5
40 kg x 5/5
44 kg x 10 x 10 sets
9680 lbs

13 minutes total with 44 kg bell

65 x 10
85 x 10
105 x 10
115 x 10

Sandbag pushups
bw x 10
32 lbs x 10 x 3

solid but taking it easy as per the whole day

Side delts
3 sets of 12 with 15 lbs

BW 165
BF 11 %
W 57.7 !!! recent high


long ruck tomorrow with 3-4 intervals



Joseph Sarti said...

This was a great day for you/us. The intensity aka time to complete sets did not even feel intense much like you said. Felt like our Conditioing and Power were spot on.

PS: the military press looked easy!!!

Mark Reifkind said...

it sure was. I was pretty shocked how easy it was. Nice that that can happen once in awhile :)