Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hard , slow, slog ruck

As expected, after yesterdays seriously tough workout today my legs felt like they weighed 1000 lbs. Didn't help that I was either walking in wet sand or mud. Good mental training though, as I just adapted; slowed my pace and lowered my expectations and things loosened up quite nicely.
Not much energy though

I also started squatting on lap one, just to stretch out. It helped
 Didn't plan on timing any laps, but I thought the pace wasn't too bad and it wasn't

50 lb ruck
12 laps
two hours even
12 iso squats
5th lap 7:53
12th lap 7:33 ! not bad

nice and crisp out- always love that

BW 164,4
BF 12
W 56.7

after ruck
BW 162.6
BF 11,7
W 57

and that's without drinking any more liquids! Just moved things around  lol

Good training on just putting one leg ahead of myself for as long as it took

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