Thursday, April 28, 2016

Slow ruck

Sometimes you're the hammer and sometimes you're the nail. Got some mild.but real, vertigo last night and I was still feeling some all day today.
Compared to what I went through months ago this was nothing but I wasn't sure at all that it wasn't going to accelerate into that and was on the edge the whole time after the workout til sleep. Couldn't eat much and woke up this morning much better but not without some symptoms

Ate early and frequently this morning and that seemed to help ( instead of more fasting) and wasn't sure I was going to ruck but when it was time it seem safe enough so I went.

It went fine but slowly and that was good , too.

43 lb ruck
6 laps
60 min
3rd lap =8:25
6th lap = 8:13

glad to have done it and got out alive. felt better at the end than the beginning and that's a good sign

BW 159.6
BF 11.5
W 56.6



Diana said...

Sorry you've had another "episode".....hope it's gone! I've had vertigo everyday, always at night and sometimes small episodes during the day, since it kicked in violently on March 12th...remember this, vertigo is a symptom of something else. Suggest that if it continues, you should get checked out. PT is the best start. There are maneuvers that help.

Mark Reifkind said...

Sorry for you too! it scared the shit out of me. very happy it wasn't anywhere near as bad as before but not knowing the cause doesn't make me happy. I just had blood work and blood pressure checked a few weeks ago so it's not that. Been using the eye maneuvers and they help , no sinus or infections or congestion so I'm not sure what else could trigger it?

good luck to you too. Do you know the cause of yours?

Diana said...

For 8 out of 10 people the usual cause of vertigo is crystals in the inner ear that get dislodged sending the "spinning" sensation to the brain. The PT teaches patients the maneuvers which help get the crystals back in place and then most never have trouble again, or if they do, they know the maneuvers to fix it again. You can easily look these up on the internet and give them a try to save a few $$, but it is kind of nice to be trained properly. PT helped me in the past big time. At first I laughed at the thought, but quickly changed my mind. There are specially trained PT in vertigo maneuvers, so if you look into it, make sure they have this training.
For's not a crystal thing. Right now we're looking into inner ear disturbances. Being ruled out for Meniere's disease. Somehow my inner ear is sending goofed up signals to my brain. It's been scary to say the least, but it's calmed down some. Still happens every time I lay down or for some reason, when I'm over tired. MRI was negative and my hearing test showed slight hearing loss, but nothing exciting for my age. Next up is an appointment with a vestibular ENT specialist in a few weeks. UGH is all I can say. Just an answer, any answer would be nice.

Hope this helps...any questions, you know where I'm at!!