Sunday, April 17, 2016

Moving meditation Ruck

Tracy was out of town this morning so it was solo ruck time. While I love to hike with her being totally alone is cool too. It's easier to slip into mushin and let myself be enclosed by the steps, the breath and the environment.

Felt fine after yesterday's snatches although the sacrum felt it had been worked. Not bad but not good either. All that work with single leg drive in the snatch but some torque on it. We'll see if it stays or not.

Right now it looks like we're going to alternate speed swing days with snatch practice days. Long term goal would be to be able to do 50/50 with the 20 kg with whatever technique or hybrid technique works for me

I also am going to explore the single kb jerk as well. For some reason ( probably all that layback press work ) it seems to have shown up. I've been waiting for you for a LONG time :)

50 lbs
12 laps
10 iso squats
5th lap 8:22 ( thought it was faster than that)
9th lap 8:04
12th lap : 7:58
1:53 min ??

that's weird. slow times but overall faster. doesn't matter. back felt good, legs felt loose and strong ,
 pace picked up and mind cleared well as the laps fell down.
BW 162
BF 11.7
W 56.9

thats weird. better than expected although I did contain eating to an 8 hr window yesterday and had very little carbs.

okbig press tomorrow at least 5 x 3 with 135


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