Saturday, January 08, 2011

Swings, snatches and clubs

Thursday's workout got derailed and I ended up trying to train early when I had a cancellation but instead of the hour I thought I would have I only had 30 minutes and I know better than to try to rush my training.

Especially with snatches ,which have tweaked me more in the past than any other exercise. AND I didn't stretch out at all that morning, another no-no. So I only got 7 sets of 5/5 in with the 24 kg when I ended up out of position a bit and having my left adductor say hello.

It wasn't major but I wasn't in the mood for it either so packed it up and got back to work,hoping it wouldn't load up too much the next day.
I put kinesiotape on it as soon as I got home and stretched out proper and it was there but definitely not escalating the next day( friday).

Many times deep hip rotators can lock down and cause external rotation of the thigh which can present as a 'groin' pull and there was some of that going on as well.So they got worked on too.Can't skip the stretching.

At least I can't.

I also, I have to admit was playing around with my snatch groove and that probably wasn't a good idea, especially given the context of the workout :))
After revisiting my deadlift info in Power to the People Professional, as well as watching Konstaniov's videos I thought I might play with my old round back, head down position of snatching but in retrospect it wasn't a good idea.

So nice of my body to tap me on the head and let me know that this wasn't the right direction, than a full on kick to the groin, which it has been know to do on many occasions.

The answers to the questions one asks their body are always there; you just have to listen closely enough to hear them. And be willing to accept them as answers, or at least things that point to another direction than the one you are headed in.

BUT I knew I needed to 'get back on the horse' or I would have this fear in my head and that can't be so I wanted to split up todays swing session with some snatches as well

7-8 am stretchout the usual suspects with lots of emphasis on back bends and overhead stretches. If my abs get too tight my lower back is sure to follow.

One arm swings ladders

20 kg x5/5 x2
24 kg x 5/5
90 reps
4,770 lbs

After last weeks 24 kg swing peak I had hoped to bump the weight up today but last week was current pr and EASY so the next step should be down. today I listened. whenever I do ladders it's because I'm feeling weak or tired. When I feel strong I start right at the goal number. but ladders really do let you do more work with way less perceived exertion.

Finally a bit warm, then onto snatches

16 kg x5/5
20 kg x5/5x 2
24 kg x5/5 x8 sets
80 reps
4,420 lbs

not bad. thought about doing 10 sets but my hammies and adductors said not too so again, I listened.

Two hand swings

24 kg x5
32 kg x5/5
90 reps
6480 lbs

felt good to do some two hand swings again. the wider foot position I am taking lately, along with breaking at the knee at the same time as the hip really has opened up the bottom position for me, something that was very cramped with my closer, toes straight ahead stance of a few months ago.

This is such a power move.Everything is in play and as I've said many times, the two hand swing is the easiest and the hardest version to do.Easier because one is so symmetrical and stable with two hands on the bell. Hardest, because as you fatigue there is "no where to run, nowhere to hide".

It's the power squat of the swings in my opinion .Especially done Hardstyle.

Two Hand Shield cast

15 lbs x10/10
20 lbs x10/10 x five sets
100 reps

that was actually a nice bit of work. very manageable compared to the 25 lb'er but dems some reps! And my rest periods here are very short. I have no problems with very short rest intervals for upper body work, just don't ask me to do that with lower body moves,lol.

Solid workout even though Nick wasn't there. Doesn't really matter though if anyone else shows up or not, I've got to get it done and I did. Never is a question.


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