Tuesday, January 04, 2011

28 kg KB Press and Two Hand Swipes

It's been a great run and I am really feeling the momentum of strength these days, especially in my presses. I wanted the 28kg to be my base weight and today it definitely showed itself to be that now. It was very heavy on my body whenever I played with it just a few short months ago but now it feels like the 24 did for so long, just another training weight.

It's about time. Those long cycle tens I did last week set me up well for todays short cycle strict presses. I did multiple sets of triples two weeks ago when I trained it so todays number was fours. How many sets of fours I didn't know but that's just a hop, skip and a jump from five rep set which is the core of all heavy size and strength base work, imo. Five is the magic number and I will soon be there on this lift.

And what a blessing that I can even DO this lift again much less be strong at it, after a two year plus hiatus from any pressing all, overhead OR prone.My groove feels so solid and consistent now on my press it almost feels as natural as my bench, or incline presses did back in the day.

I spend so much time trying to figure out my perfect grooves and so often it changes when I least expect it. Not so here, at least not in a long time. I've been using the same technique now for months on long cycle and short cycle presses and it's really getting consistent and comfortable.

Warmup 6-7 am


My core stretches have changed of late and I am back to stability ball back bends, horse stances( quadraped,not really a stretch but in the mix anyway) straight leg pike hamstring seated as well as bretzells, overhead and behind back stick work

one arm swings
16 kg x5/5/5/5 x3

16 kg x5/5 x2
20 kg x3/3
24 kg x3/3

28 kg x4/4 x4
x 3/3 x 3

These went so strong I couldn't have been happier. I am just always trying to be conservative and finish when I feel I could still do more.As usual I got stronger the more sets I did, and really got warmed up. The last set was definitely the best set and I toyed with the idea of doing 5-6 reps per arm but stayed cautious.

Tracy is training her strict press with me as well as was killing the volume on the 14 kg. This is not a natural lift for her and she is even new to even training it, as she did push presses for years.

Her shoulder and arm size are really benefiting from all these strict presses as much as mine are :)) Cannonball delts indeed.

Two hand Clubbell Swipes

15lb x5/5
20 lb x8/8
25 lb x10/10 x2
20 lb x10/10

man these kicked my ass,especially towards the end of the second arm on either side!That's why I was starting to laugh and smile a bit. It was killing me and it started on rep 4 !! Starts out easily and then I just died,lol. But these are natural for me and I feel strong in all the positions.

Bodyblade laterals


I did these on a lark last week but used them again and the really worked the medial head of the delt as well as the hard to reach surpaspinatus rotator. The are hard work but very easy on my joints so they stay in. Bigger shoulders is fine too :))

Snatch in Stones Gym on Thursday and I have my oldest and most favorite Dragon Door 24 kg ( circa 2001) back home. It will be good.



Brucedala said...

Hi Mark,

that is realy good start in 2011 for you ;-)

Nice to see you in a strong and healthy shape!
I stay tuned on your way.....
Nice greeting's from germany ;-)
Take care.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man, hope your new years start was good as well.
take care as well :))