Saturday, May 01, 2010

Max Vo2 swings and snatches

Decided to tempt fate a bit today and actually train the day before a workshop. Should be no big deal but with this old frame you never know. Cut things short and played it safe but I also used a new technique so you never know how that will pan out,lol. I want to be fresh and un-tweaked when I go in front of an audience but I also needed to train.I so hate how teaching and seminars mess with my training schedule. Tried to find the balance.

Max Vo2
16 kg
42 sets
alternating sets of 9 rep swings and 7 rep snatches
21 sets of snatches = 147 snatches

not bad, technique felt good keeping my head up and thinking "arch your back" each and every rep.Feels better in the swing than the snatch as it really shortens the stroke and will make me use my hips much more than my back. It will take some getting used to.

Time to go finish my prep work for tomorrows Super Lats workshop with Tracy and Dave. This will be a great day, and, perhaps, a historic one.


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Rob O'Brien said...

Nice to see you snatching again. I have not done ANY in about a month. I think I burnt myself out going for 50k. I plan on getting back to it in the next week.