Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6 am Swings.

It's been years since I trained this early. I used to, in my young and (more) dumb days, open World Gym, Campbell at 5:30 am and have somewhere over 400 lbs on a barbell by 6. Crazy crazy stuff and it takes some real insanity to keep that schedule up.
But I loved getting up, getting caffeinated and going to what was most important to me first thing. my training. Then it was over, and whatever happened the rest of the day I knew I had done the thing that made me happiest first.

But getting old meant getting pretty stiff and early mornings are usually the worse. I have been going into Girya at 6 am to stretch out as Tracy teaches her swing class then, so I was already there. BUT, there is a huge difference between stretching for an hour and swinging for one!
Big difference.

But there really isn't a better time as the hour after I finish work usually does not motivate me to swing volume kettlebells. It is just a matter of deciding to in my mind, and taking the necessary steps( waking up earlier to stretch out and warmup for example) to make it happen.

The only real obstacle is whether my body could handle the weights I want to swing ( 24 and 32 kg) that early. I may not have a real choice, because this guy is DONE with being injured. Done. But today was a good sign.

One arm swings
16 kg x10/10 x2
20 kg x10/10 x 2

24 kg x10/10 x 12 sets
240 reps
12,720 lbs

This went remarkably well and I finished in only 15 minutes, way ahead of what I thought it might take me. the first few sets were a bit slow and not very powerful, but each set got me more warmed up and the power output went up accordingly.

As usual my rest periods got shorter as I warmed up and towards the last few sets were only 30 sec or so,which is equal work to equal rest( see Honey?,lol). I had lots more time but didn't want to increase the volume any more than 40 reps from last week because I don't know the true effect of any workout until at least the next day.

Training this early was it's own increase in intensity. No lie.

Bodyblade PNF rotations
small blade x 4 sets each arm
large blade x 4 sets each arm

these went really well also, and I forgot just how challenging you can make any exercise with this tool as it's totally up to you to determine the force output per rep..

Rack Walks
16 kg x 12 minutes

Still more time left so I just walked around the block switching hands whenever I got a bit fatigued. Haven't done these in ages although I've been threatening to. 'Bout time. Have to build these up again as well.

bretzells, hammies, overhead stick stretch, etc, foam roller.

Good stuff



Tracy Reifkind said...


I've been wanting to take my class around the block more often with bells....thanks for the reminder!

Nothing like getting your training done and out of the way.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks love,

I'm just glad I finally got out there myself!

it really helped having you there training so hard, just as early for my inspiration :))

kettlebells_n_sunshine said...

I absolutely am addicted to early morning swings.. (I call 'em sunrise swings..)
Swings can pump you up, get you going... since my body isn't good at "workouts" in the morning swings are a perfect way to start the day (along with my movement prep)leaving my cleans and presses and such for later...

Geoff Neupert said...

I got up to go to the john at 4am - top that! ;-)

Mark Reifkind said...


easy, I get up to go to work then,lol!thanks for stopping by man.

Mark Reifkind said...

K& S,

thanks for the comment. I used to LOVE to train this early but have fallen out of the habit as I have to usually start work then.It's not ideal but it will work.