Saturday, May 08, 2010

Resetting the groove.

At the Reifkind/Whitley/Reifkind seminar last weekend. The DVD should be available in 8 weeks!
I finally got back to doing just snatches today for the first time in months. My power good morning style swing and snatch have been proving to be ok for both my back and knee but I want to proceed cautiously loading the new groove. I hadn't planned on doing just snatches today but it felt very solid during the warmups so I decided to give it a try.

But I knew 7's per 15 second wasn't a smart idea( not ready to be too explosive or fast) so I settled on 6 rep sets holding it at the lockout to take up all the 15 second work bout. Going more slowly definitely helped me really "feel" the groove and not cut corners.

I worked on using Tracy's cue of putting the plug in the socket( locking the arm into the inner thigh) which is much different than the more arm dominant style I have been using. I have benn following the bell back more and hinged as much from the shoulder and back as hip.I didn't try to round my back but I also didn't try to keep in up.

This is definitely more an arched back good morning, but, just like in my barbell good morning I really get a lot of 'shock absorption' from my bottom position. It feels very 'stretchy' in the bottom and I can feel the stretch reflex really working to throw me in the ascent. Much less lean, head up, knees out and a little quad in the shock absorption as well.

It always scares me though, to change a groove this big, as I never know what the real consequences can be until days later. This seems right though and all I have to go on is my "gut" and my instinct. The bent frame I live on doesn't follow normal rules of mechanics and hasn't for some time.

Max Vo2
16 kg
60 sets of 6 reps
360 total
12,960 lbs

8 sets of 5, high tension.

datsit. Swings and getups and deadlifts on monday

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