Saturday, May 15, 2010

48,123 Snatches

My favorite stretch for opening up my biceps, shoulders,pecs, lats and and even abs.I do all kinds of stick stretching variations each day.It really has been helping.

48,123 kb snatches so far since I began this 50 thousand snatch challenge. Only 1,877 more to go :))

Today was a good day. I had already hit three workouts this week( if you want to count Monday's getup/deadlift/two hand swing abomination- which I will), and two of them were back to back with decent recovery. This is a great sign that my techniques, both in lifting form and corrective exercises, are working. This workout is another validation of those techniques. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

It also doesnt hurt that I haven't been traveling and have had a decent run at some positive inertia and nothing makes my training go better than stability and regularity. It's a must for this delicate flower. If I want to make gains, that is.

Last weeks 60 sets of 6 in the Snatch Vo2 set the stage for today.It was hard but not that hard and I knew that I wanted to throw in some 7 rep sets as well. My snatch form is jelling and Thursday's 24 kg snatches confirmed that. Can't go fast until the groove is totally consistent and I don't have to think about it. It's almost there.

I had considered alternating each set with a 6 rep then a 7 rep set but I knew I needed at least 10 sets to warmup today so this is what I did

Snatch Vo2
15:15 16 kg

9 sets of 6
1 set of 7
8 sets of 6
2 sets of 7
7 sets of 6
3 sets of 7
7 sets of 6
3 sets of 7
7 sets of 6
3 sets of 7
7 sets of 6
2 sets of 7
1 set of *8( last two sets done back to back)

376 reps
13,536 lbs
HR between 160-170 the 30 minutes( seemed low, another good sign I'm adapting)

Very very happy with this work, how could I not be?

Clubbell Barbarian press
20 lb cb : 4 sets of 8 each arm
25 lb cb: 4 sets of 8 each arm

want to give pushups a rest and see if they are the source of some unique left shoulder/elbow 'warnings' my body has been sending lately. I just think I've worn out that prone pressing groove. that's ok.



Tracy Reifkind said...


I looked over at you training and you were like a machine today....congratulations on finding your groove!

now let's "groove" into the rest of our weekend

Mark Reifkind said...

thank you my love, it felt great to feel good.there's (almost)nothing I love more than being able to train hard and try to keep up with you :))

you killed today, as usual my sweet.

Keats Snideman CSCS, LMT said...

Glad to hear your training is going well Rif! It's very motivational for me as I approach my 40's to see someone with your injury background still progressing and finding that "groove" that Tracy mentioned.

Keep up the experiment. Afterall, we are all truly an experiment of one when it comes down to it!

Mark Reifkind said...

" an experiment of one'

Keats one of my all time favorite phrases and so completely true. thanks also for the nice words as I so respect you as an athlete,coach and 'real deal' guy.
can't wait to get back to the Tempe for the next HKC. Say hi to Patrick for me please.