Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Max Vo2 with Tracy

I lucked out today as Tracy decided to do her Max vo2 workout in the afternoon with me. SO much easier doing all those reps in one place with a training partner, especially one as intense and focused as Mrs Rif.I knew she had to do more than 52 sets this workout and that worried me as I havent done 8 rep sets in awhile and hadn't done a serious max vo2 workout with the 16 since my PR of 60 sets July 30th.
It hasnt been the best training since then so I was just a bit worried. Plus, sleep has been poor the last few nights which never make things easier. But as usual, when the environment is poor somethings the gods are kind and today they were.
58 sets of 8 in the 15: 15 protocol no problem.Except for the cascades of sweat that poured off me making my footing suspect, as well as screwing with my grip. Wet kettlebells, when you tryig to snatch as fast as you can and NOT tear calluses is not fun.
I have to replace the rubber mat on the platform with some kind of carpet, that's all there is to it.Tired of doing my snatches on a slip and slide. Plus, it make my feel filthy :))

Snatch Vo2
15:15 16 kg
no warmup

58 sets of 8 reps per cycle
464 reps
16,704 lbs

cardio was decent although sets 50- 58 were tougher. I was late on more than one set and made sure to get all my reps even though I wasnt getting as much rest/sets.right shoulder was just tight and I got zero warmup and not enough time to stretch.I can see where my old bottom was 35 sets now it's at leat 40-45. I can actually see where I will get 80 sets of 8 at some point!

not bad at all. here are the last sets.

One CB Sheild cast
15 lbs x 8/8 x 4 sets

Two CB Pendulums
2 15's x 5 sets of 8

for de pipes brah, de pipes.

datsit. I can feel my strength coming back due to the healing power of my stable routine, regular training, eating and ( sometimes) sleeping.


Jordan Vezina said...

You know you have a good Max VO2 session when you look like you just walked through a car wash. :)

Mark Reifkind said...

lol, you crack me up dude.

Iron Tamer said...

Thanks for the tips yesterday Rif.

BTW that Master Instructor badgge looks right at home on your blog!

Kenneth Jay said...

hey Rif, did you recieve my mail with the script?

Mark Reifkind said...


yes I did,sorry I didnt reply. WHat is the deadline for the edit? I am running behind on things in general and I want to do a good job on it.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man, no problem

Kenneth Jay said...

no worries mate! John Du Cane already has it so any further editing he will do. I just wanted to run it by you so you know what it contains when writing a foreword for it (if you still want to do that)
Also that makes you one of the first to see the complte 5 MVO2 training protocol put together into a system.

Mark Reifkind said...

way cool kenneth, just give me the actual deadline and I will get it done. of course I still want the forward! I just have to make sure to take the time and do it right.I love this book and this training, it has changed everything for me.thank you so much for developing it.

J&D said...
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