Saturday, August 30, 2008

Almost 200 24 kg snatches

I had the best of intentions today- to do at least 200 snatches ( hopefully more) with the 24kg.
Of course I am talking about total volume, sets and reps not all at once :))Just doing 200 total reps would be a solid comeback for me.It'll happen.

I have decided to shelve the 20 kg on Saturdays and try to go a bit heavier more frequently.I get plenty of light , speed work with on mvo2 days. So I hoped my hands were up to it and they were close.I stopped short of 200 as I knew any more and the starting to become hot spots would become real hot spots or worse. 180 isnt too bad.
I also wanted to make sure that although the rep tempo was slower,including a pause at the top, the speed of each rep was as high as I could make it; to maximze power as much as possible even here.Kenneth's article just confirmed with numbers what my intuition had already told me;the more power per rep the more work done, the more calories burned , the more speed is enhanced( and, as Pavel says many neural dis-inhibition takes place) and stronger one gets, with the same weight!
Not to mention the muscle building capability of such training.Which is precisely why I am staying with the 24 for awhile. Don't need excess conditioning at the moment.

16 kgx5/5x3
20 kgx5/5x3 ( slow to warmup today. stiff)

24 kg x 6/6
10/10= 80 reps
two rounds of this followed by
5/5/5/5x two rounds ( hands give out)
180 reps
9450 lbs

As I wrote above this went very well and my lungs opened up after the first couple sets.Each set was stronger than the last.

Clubbell Mills
15 lb CB

I'd say short and sweet but it wasnt that short,lol. We took our time today with a three man rotation. Not slow but definitely not fast. Wanted to make sure each set had good power.

datsit. Been sleeping so well. What a difference :))