Monday, August 25, 2008

400 one arm swings with 24 kg

Finally, some stinkin volume in a swing workout! It's taken forever, it seems, to get back into some kind of rythym but today gave me hope. It helped tons to have Tracy to work with too, and we did all kinds of " I go, you go" swings ( which she did after her boost Max vo2 work,lol).
Swing work , although vital for me, is deadly hard and straight forward and having a kick ass training partner really makes things easier. Same with squat training, or deadlift training, or, hell.,any type of real training where you try to make some kind of progress day in and day out. For years on end.I mean, ask any Olympic hopefull how much time it takes to "get in shape".Good training partners are worth their weight in gold. I just happened to marry mine :))

Busy weekend so not much rest and I was a bit concerned how this would go but I slept well and the month from hell is now officially over. Did not have a weekend off this month and now we get a little break.I hoped it would carry over to today and it did.

One Arm Swings
16 kgx5/5x2

24 kgx10/10 x20 sets
400 reps
21200 lbs

Not bad at all. I definitely got stronger as the workout went on and I 'warmed up" I say that even though I was sweating bullets from the get and had to put my grips on for the last 100 reps as I couldn't keep the bell handle dry at all! Even had to put wrestling shoes on too! Puddles aren't good for a training base,lol.

here's a set

Clubbell Pendulum swing and front press

2 15 lb CBs x 4 x 8

these were tough and unless I press upwards in a semi arc my left shoulder threatened to dislocate and I wasn't in the mood.
heres some vid

Snatch holds
20 kg x one minutes x 2 sets

these have to get back in the rotation. hate em but I gotta do em



Aaron Friday said...

A good partner goes a long way. I wouldn't do half the stuff I do if not for the encouragement of others.

Well, maybe I would, but it would be a victorious but lonely existence. I'd rather have the company of close friends pursuing their own goals.

Mark Reifkind said...

agreed.especially if the task is arduous or heavy.and yes, the victory of accomplishment is never so sweet when alone.

Anonymous said...

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