Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hot, hard but strong ruck

Temps are creeping back up there again into mid 90's and will be over 100 degrees the next 4 or so days.
Hard as usual thursday ruck right after work but the surprise was my legs, even though glute tired. performed well and my mind wasn't too far behind
It seems when I am more fatigued, and or just not into it mentally, if I try to go faster it's actually easier.
When the fatigue or the heat is oppressive, just trying to 'hang on' makes it just that much harder. Time to be as aggressive as I can.
It's hard though as it fatigues you more but it's something to push against

At least when I feel I have it in my legs to give

45 lb ruck
6 laps
52 minutes
4th lap : 7:41 ( so we were not slow)
95 degrees

BW 169  W T  F??
BF 12.5
W 56.5


1 pm
BW 168.2
BF 11.1
W 57  what is up with this>

ok rest day than Beast swings on Saturday. Lets put this big body to use! lol


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