Thursday, July 27, 2017

Getting back to strong ruck

Frank Bozanich Ultra god.

Heat conditioning is finally kicking in, over 90 degrees at 1pm when I started but I felt relatively good. especially after yesterdays swing work . Glutes and hams were fine as is the shoulder. All that band work is really paying off: band pullaparts, overhead snatch grip stretches and pulls and the windmill stretch are keeping that nasty biceps tendon in its' correct place for a change.

Got some decent lap times too,which has been seriously rare on a thursday

45lb ruck
6 laps
3rd lap 7:43
6th lap 7:23
not bad at all. still too stinking hot but I could do it
55 min

4 am
BW 167.5
BF 12.5
W ?

1 pm pre ruck
BW 167
BF 10.9
W 57.7

creatine, ketone bar, small handful almonds, extra coffee at 5 am

off tomorrow and then 44 kg!


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