Wednesday, July 12, 2017

20 kg Speed Swings 20 min, walking lunges,parallel pushups, rear laterals

This was strong and hard at the same time. Strong effort for sure but lots of distractions trying to , well, distract me from getting in the zone. Stupid stuff; gardeners blowing leaves and diesel fuel into my garage as I'm trying to suck in enough air to keep going, trying not to keep an eye out for the mailman with package I've been waiting for and have to sign for. And have already missed once. That kind of petty distracting shit.
And then there's the 20 minutes of swings to do

The 20 kg was definitely a blessing too; that 24 would have been much harder and I somehow wonder if I should be using it. ,more power output with the 20 not withstanding.

But I kept my head down and focused on my groove and my breath and NOT going so fast; more trying to emulate the groove and the timing of my heavier swings and it definitely helped. really have to stay flat on my foot at the top of the swing; If I get back too much on my heels it throws everything off. Oly shoe heel or not

Mentally this was a strong effort too. and almost no double breathing save for  2-3 sets at most

20 kg speed swings
20 min
400 reps
17,600 lbs tonnage

Walking lunges
3 laps of 40 sets

cut it short gardeners were choking us with fumes

parallel pushups
3 sets of 30

these really get the most triceps of any vartiation

rear delts
3 sets of 12 with 20's


BW 167.8 at 4am!!
BF 10.4 !!
W 58

1 pm before workout
same other vitals

so weird

started instaketones today. this stuff tastes like orange vomit! no lie. Not sure it is as good as the Keto OS but I will give it five days as i did the keto OS

ruck up tomorrow


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