Sunday, June 04, 2017

Ruck Steady

started out feeling not tight at all, then realized just how much work, again, I did yesterday with my legs, lol. They loosened up 3/4 way into it but we were actually walking pretty quickly ( my son Gabe is now rucking with me !)
Didn't time any laps save the 9th one as this was Gabe's first two hour ruck with weight and I didn't want to push things on both ends. Plus, my legs were cooked enough
9th lap tie was 7:39 which surprised me.

I did actually time the last one too, at 7:11! Now that one kicked my ass. But all in all a strong effort

50 lb Ruck
12 laps
12 squat stretches
9th lap 7:39
12th lap 7:11

BW 165.6 Yes!
BF 11.5 good here too
W  57.1 Best news lately

145 lb press work tomorrow, we'll see for how many reps per set.

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