Saturday, June 10, 2017

48 kg One Arm swings 10 x 8/8, 35 lb CB casts, Hacks,pushups, side laterals

Strong workout overall but took me awhile to get my balance, of all things. My groove was just a little off for the first five sets and I think it's because I wore my vibrams instead of my innov8's for the last two days. Just that little extra heels makes my primal squat so much easier but it was tightening up my calves/ ankles

After two days in vibrams the ankles and my squat opened up but when I wore my oly shoes today for the swings I was definitely more back on my heels than usual.

Solution is simple , don't wear vibrams on tuesdays or fridays before training.

My shoulder/ neck was a bit wonky too but that stretched out with some windmills and band distractions.

One arm swings
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
28 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 4/4
36 kg x 4/4
40 kg x 4/4
48 kg x 5/5 x 13 sets
156 reps
16, 536 lb

very powerful each set especially the last 7 when my groove and timing re appeared

Cb casts
25 x 10/10
35 x 8/8 x 2
Shield casts
20 x 10/10

these felt good haven't done them in forever. good to start light

65 x 10
95 x 8
115 x 8
135 x 6
 slow and with pauses at last rep

sandbag pushups
bw x 12
32 x 12 x 3

shoulder felt perfect

side laterals
3 x 15 with 15

BW 166.4
BF 9.9 ( post bath)
W 58.3

ruck up tomorrow


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