Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ruck in the muck

A very nice two hour slog in VERY wet sand courtesy of the non stop rain we've been having the last week. It's great we no longer are in drought but I really hate all the rain gear. At least it's warm and not freezing cold. That I wouldn't do .

But I got the gear on, covered the ruck up and rucked up :)

Felt almost no soreness or tightness from yesterday's training> Awesome!

50 lb Ruck
1:55 min
11 iso squats
No timed laps just steady state but an 8 min pace or so

BW 164
BF 11.6
W 57.1

very very weird. Not sure why so light after a saturday but I'll take it

ok not sure what I'll do tomorrow in presses but probably go down to 120 and play with techniques


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