Wednesday, January 11, 2017

24 kg Speed swings 16 min, BW walking lunges,parallel bar pushups, side delts

Same with any physical training. Win, or learn

This was a good day. Back on track, I feel. First, I think I'm over whatever sub-clinical virus I've had. I feel "normal" again and that makes a HUGE difference. I think I've been fighting something for almost a month. No real symptoms other than 'not feeling normal" and a bit "woozy" at various times.
But I think I kicked that.
 Second I think I figure out, with good friend Geoff Neupert's help, where I went wrong with my program. When I switched from 10 x 10/10 with the 48 every week to every other week I dropped my volume by 50 %.
And when I did the same with speed swings, going from 15-20 minutes of work to 10-12 I also cut the volume by 50%.
After 5-6 weeks of this  I de-conditioned. I just haven't feel strong since I did this and it surprised me. I expected my 200 rep days to be EASIER ,not harder!
 I hit my best effort after 8 weeks in a row of 200 rep beast workouts
and the 52 kg bell was only 10% heavier but I dropped volume again in half.
So, back to work.
Back to 200 reps each sat( this week with 40 then next with 44 then back to 48) and also back to cycling speed day from 14, 16 18 then 20 minutes

This is an important work capacity day. I just let my base down just a bit and with that bell ( Beast) I just can't. Or so is the next hypothesis.

Another thing I realized is that when I dropped keto I also but my protein intake especially my red meat and that means creatine! Precisely what I need to fuel this energy system. So back to red meat ( ribs  and grass fed ground beef) and supplemental  creatine power ( 5 gms a day)

This test is close I've got to get my shit together

today was great

Speed swings
24 kg
15:15 x 10
16 min
320 reps
16.960 lbs

No problem no double breathing. this is the weight. Speed has to be fast, Power up.

BW walking lunges
3 sets of 40 steps

also going to keep this just at bodyweight.I need the more severe leg stretch in the bottom of each step more than I need added load

Parallel bar pushups
3 sets of 26  PR

strong,using the fast descent definitely helps grind out a few more reps

Side delts
3 sets of 12 with 15's
excellent, shoulders are really responding

BW 164.6
BF 12.3
W 56.7

ok ruck it up tomorrow if it doesnt' rain


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