Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sunday Ruck: 46 lbs of fun

Filled up my camel back water system half way and it came out to 3 lbs so the ruck weighs 46 lbs even. I figured it wouldn't be that much harder than last week at 42.5 but I was wrong,lol. It was pretty damn hard. BUT only on the calves, glutes and upper legs. Lower back and shoulders were just fine
 12 laps/ 2 hours 7 minutes
9 isometric squat holds ( 30 sec that pack was heavy )
16,823 steps ( must have been taking shorter steps)
7.38 mi according to phone
Lap times ( 5th and 11th lap at 8:10)

 so I was walking pretty quickly even with the upped load- explains why my legs got so tired.  But it was crisp out today so it was easier than it could have been.

BUT thinking about 10+ more lbs ( 55 for the ruck + at least 8 for water) for the GORuck Ft Bragg Challenge made me realize just how much more training I have to do to be ready to do it, not just survive it. Good thing this is a long term dream goal and not something I have to do tomorrow

My 60th birthday Challenge in 2 years seems about right, lol

Good thing tomorrow is press day, tired of all this volume. 80 lbs tomorrow for more 5 rep sets


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