Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sunday Ruckin' in the Rain

The California drought came to a halt for a few hours today, just in time for my ruck. Good news it was warm rain. There is no bad news :)

Got a poncho on and got to rucking. 46 lbs again but with some seriously strong winds and soggy sand to walk in I was slower than usual and just got 11 laps in the two hours instead of twelve
Still stopped every lap for my iso squats. I considered just pushing through for the twelfth lap but my hammies were singing from yesterday's beating and I was tired so I left a little in the tank

Still got the two hours of walking and being on my feet , which is goal one. The pack definitely felt lighter than last week, which is a great sign, especially after yesterday's workload.
Feet stayed nice and dry and the boots worked great- no hot spots or slippage at all. A solid workout for sure and it brought back memories of so many runs and road riding in the rain. I love it.
Definitely made the time go faster; the air was so fresh, the wind sound so meditative and the rain actually refreshing. If it had turned cold I would have cut it short but it was fine

Presses tomorrow. Up to 85 lb for 5x5 again. Lots of stretching and rolling to do now


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