Thursday, February 26, 2015

Light Ruck

Getting back on track. Pretty sore from yesterdays dive into the deep end of the pool but that's no surprise. I was getting sore from not training anyway :) I thing sitting at my computer makes me more sore than heavy swing training too

36 lb ruck
6 laps in 50 minutes plus walk to and from park
total 60 minutes
Wore the Lowas but my feet were still more tender than they are Sundays with 10 more lbs and one more hour of work! Must be from standing on my feet for 7 + hours before I start.The combat boots however might be the best boot for this. We'll see Sunday.

ok back to it Saturday with some 32 kg one arm swings in sets of 12/12. I think I'll up the rep goal with this bell to 15/15. That should make sets of 10 much easier :)

Decent stretchout this morning


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