Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Ruck: 46 lbs and two hours, plus Lowa boots break in test

Decided to give the Lowa's the deep end of the pool test and use them for the full weight, full time ruck this morning. I did promise Tracy that if I felt any issues with my feet I would come back home asap and switch out.

No problem fulfilling this one, I don't need any problems with my feet next weekend in UK. But I had a feeling things would be just fine and they were better than fine.

I was tighter and more sore than expected from yesterday's workout ; I got in a decent stretchout first but opted for slightly more sleep instead of more stretch. Not sure if it was a good tradeoff as sleeping too long makes me even more stiff:)

Pack weight was 146.5 and things started off slow, literally and figuratively

My calves and glutes were just tired and slow to warm up. The boots felt great molding to my foot very well right off the bat although they are definitely stiffer than my combat boots. But I could tell they would give more support as well

I timed some first laps at they were only at 8:20 or so, faster than they felt and by lap five things were loosening up well

Did my iso squats each lap as well and I was deeper today than I have ever been in my life! I wish I could have gotten a picture but these were the best iso squats I have ever done, knee ROM is really coming along these last 3 weeks and that makes me very happy.
I took the stance out a bit and that helped with depth too.

Laps 8 and 9 were timed at 8 minutes and things felt great although halfway through lap 11 I actually stopped, took the boot off and checked the right foot as something felt strange. Stretched out the toes and things were fine. Finished twelve laps in 2 hours. Last lap was 7:50 /

16,797 steps

First time ever I felt like I could keep going after the two hours a good sign and probably due to the increased support from the boots ( less overall body work)

Presses tomorrow and then off to London for the first time and the first ever BodyMaintenance workshop. Very excited



Diana said...

Congratulations on the Body Maintenance workshop!! No doubt it will be a huge success, especially when it's taught with passion!!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Diana it turned out great! very happy with the content and the reception.