Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Raw and the Cooked; Hardstyle Freestyle MVo2

One of the misses with the 28 kg. SO close.

I think I may have cooked some internal organs over the weekend. Not well done but definitely medium rare. ANd some seriously interested DOMS is kicking in in my left hamstring and glute but lots of foam rolling and straddle floor stretches as well as the everpresent downward dogs are keeping the hound at bay.Just can't be lazy.

I did lots of snatches this weekend as I taught the snatch segment of the cert( with the top down style which works GREAT!) and did them flatfooted .It worked the hammies just that much differently that usual and I now remember why I switched to the OL shoe. Not for the swing but for the snatch the heels really helps me spread the load better on my legs.

SO I was just a bit raw under the skin with the DOMS coming on as well as cooking nicely from the 3 days of sun as I contemplated doing max vo2 today or just taking another day to rest and just stretch.The idea of sweating out what remaining body water I have left was not appealing either as I thought of the last session which resembled a Bikram class much more than I would like.

But I have found very consistently now that 'getting back on the horse' and doing the movements you know work for you, at a lessened intensity, works great for getting a lot of these aches and stiffness OUT, pretty quickly.But I didnt want to go over the edge intensity wise as I have pulled my glute before training too hard when already stiff at the start. So instead of strict

15:15( there was NO WAY I was even contemplating 36:36) I decided to go by feel and do it free style. Still doing 15 seconds with 7 reps per side but then resting as much or as little as I felt was appropriate.I tend to start slowly anyway and build speed as I warmup.

I was still shooting for 50 sets but I would take my time to get them

Tracy had already trained mvo2 yesterday with her class so I wasn't going to mess her up doing it this way. She stood by though to cheer me on and make sure I wasn't taking too much rest,lol.

I decided I couldn't sit on the stability ball between sets to make sure I didn't dawdle.


Free style Mvo2
16 kg
7 reps per set
45 sets
8 reps per set last 5 sets
355 total reps
12780 lbs

man I LOVE training this way its SO much easier!! That damn gym boss kicks my ass everytime and the 15 seconds rest gets SO short it's barely there,lol.
With more rest to work I can really keep the intensity up so much more but it's the fighting against the ever growing fatigue that really sets sthe stage for the adaptive gains in CV and muscular endurance. ANd it makes workouts like these feel so easy. Even sore and cooked.

I'm glad I got something in at least.I did the first 25 sets classic 15:15 with 7 reps per side. The second 20 sets I did 7 right then transfered and did 7 left before resting. I wanted to get it over with. I was probably doing more work to rest at the point but I dont know.
The last five sets I did 8 reps per 15 seconds and only took 15 seconds rest. Just to see,lol.AND it did reset my leg and hips, which feels much more 'normal' now. This is good

Two handed clubbell barbarian press
4 sets of 10 each

Two handed clubbell swipes
4 sets of 10 each
Clubbells rock, the perfect compliment to my kb work. Love em.


Boris T. said...

OL shoes are awesome, very useful for the Snatch as well as the Clean and Jerks. How long ago did you start using them with KB's?

Mark Reifkind said...


I used them originally many years ago as I transitioned from Powerlifting where I was using them as well. then I switched to wrestlign shoes, then barefeet but started having some back issues and switched back. work great for my snatches not so well for my swings, which I still do barefoot.

MrGold said...

This might also help relieve the pulled muscle(also known as muscle strain) on the glute http://www.webanswers.com/health/exercise-fitness/may-be-a-possible-pulled-muscle-in-the-back-of-my-leg-40676e