Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back in the groove;Snatch Vo2 and Bikrams

Actually did make it to both my Bikram practice on Monday and got my Snatch Vo2 workout in today instead of yesterday . I spent tuesday afternoon in the jurors room waiting to see if I was going to be picked. The case got dismissed as we were being called so I lucked out. So max was on the schedule today.a day late but some needed rest as well.
And, as luck would have it, a client cancelled and Tracy could make it down to Girya to do the workout early. I always prefer training as close to possible as first thing( if I have enough time to warmup, that is) and I rarely get to do it these days except for Saturdays.Tracy was going to train with the 16 kg, same as me, and that always gets me going.She was doing less reps/set than I but so what? She's a chick and I had to not only get my numbers going but appear not to suffer too much.
10 is about the perfect time for me, just warmed up enough from three clients but not tired yet.As usual I did one warmup set with the 12 kg for my right shoulder warmup and then it's on.

I never know exactly what form my body will want to use that day and this was no exception. I start with the idea of flexing my knees more and using more of a close to the body snatch but my body wanted to swing snatch it more and work more from a hinge/pendulum arc technique. I've learned not to fight the body too much anymore when it announces something. It tends to win,and win big when I ignore it's messages. So, swing style it was and the pace was good.I lose the ability to go fast so quickly these days so eights was out and I wanted to make sure I could get my fifty sets in first.
Here's the breakdown:

16 kg max vo2 15:15
45 sets of 7
5 sets of 8
355 reps
12,780 lbs

Man, I love seeing those tons add up! Tracy did 42 sets with the 16 before tearing a callus and stopping for the day. She just did 100 reps in five minutes a few days ago and now this,not bad at all and such a great inspiration. She's done 60 sets of 7 with the 16 kg before and will do more again soon. Of course that was with the sock sleeve and these are without.Significantly harder on her hands this way but she'll adapt fast.

Clubbell mills
10 lbs x10/10/10/10
10 lbs x 20/20
15 lbs x 8/8
15 lbs x 7/7

havent done these in awhile;really like the move just have to make sure to do a solid toe pivot or I soak up too much torque in the lumbar spine.

Clubbell shield cast, one arm
15 lbs x 10/10 x 2 sets

ran out of time, but very happy with the workout and the workload.

Bikrams went very well on Monday despite not having done a class in over a week.I went into it with no expectations other than to breathe my way through it and sweat out some poisons. Things went well and showed very clearly how sometimes recovery is more important than loading, especially as one ages. The frequency, not to mention the intensity, of loading ,and the ability to recovery from such,when one gets into their 40's and 50's changes significantly and should be ignored at one's own risk. I've even been getting to work early and doing my rifga stretches again. This is key for getting my left knee to extend as much as it can.It's jsut time consuming and boring a hell.Especially at 5:30 am but hey, what can I do?

Bikrams is so much about static strength, our strongest strength ability( first static, then eccentric, then concentric) and it really works deeper into one's strength than is immediately apparent.Add in the heat levels, the balance requirements and sheer ability to concentrate and many many important strength and mental skills are being worked. and hard. But my recovery from each practice seems to be better than before, but that may be about not hammering too many classes each as much as anything. The main thing is that I feel I can train it now and not wreck myself.
And I still continue to work on being able to lock out my left leg,especially in the one legged poses and it's tough stuff.The best part though is NOT being dead or tweaked the next day, which I had been for months.Even my hydration levels come back to normal quicker, even with so few workouts.
Want to get 200 24 kg snatches on Saturday, the last heavy workout before my next cert, if the gods be smiling that day.


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