Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kurt Thomas, my gymnastics hero.

I almost forgot what a physical genius he was. Brilliant. My role model for what I wanted to be as a gymnast.


mc said...


mc said...

that's unfair, isnt' it? he was awesome. have you seen anyone who comes close to this? there was some great stuff last year at the olympics, but not this smoothness on the floor especially. what did you think?

Mark Reifkind said...


yeah the movie sucked but it was the first movie a gymnast had starred in.Kurt had a style ,along with Bart Conner that was so unique and yet so representitive of what the 70's and early 80's gymnastics perfection looked like.
It had 'something' I had never seen before or since. an ease. Kurt was amazing and could do incredibly hard tricks at first site or INVENT them at first site. turly a physical genius.
Back them it was Artistic Gymnastics and not just acrobatic insanity as it is now. a different mindset entirely.

Kejatz said...

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mc said...

i found a shot of your hero and included it, with a link to your post, over at the overview of athletic bodies.

thanks for the reminder.

it would be cool to see a site of gymnastic champs over the past 30 years of the olympics, male and female - what have the routines been?


leah said...

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