Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bikrams Torture chamber

Another 90 sweaty minutes in Bikrams torture chamber today after a week of no yoga.It's always both easier and harder doing yoga after a long yoga rest; easier because I'm not so beat up by the static tension, heat and dehydration and harder because I've slid down the conditioning slope in regards all those qualities. Not to mention mental toughness. But having Tracy right next to me always makes it easier as she glides so effortlessly through the movements and it's really no problem for her.
I did well through pranayama, half moon and awkward poses but, as usual, had my hat handed to me in the single leg only balancing series. It seems like my standing forward head to knee has gotten significantly worse over the months, but in reality, I'm just asking more of the pose and have realized I have to go backwards to go forwards. WAY backwards. All the way backwards. But it's ok.Getting the strength in the single leg support is the key. Not the leg kick out although I do love to do it on my left leg. It's not that hard if your knee works, lol.
Standing bow pulling pose surprised me as I could get into it fairly easily on my left leg but my lack of stamina got me and I came out of the pose after 75% of the time. Have to build back up slowly, no matter what the dialogue.Man's got to know his limitations, lol.
Warrior pose just about killed me although tree pose wasnt as bad as I expected.The teacher really handled the heat perfectly and opened the door at jus the right moments. Exercising in 105 deg heat is no joke. Especially for an hour and a half.
Give it a try and report back.
Cruised through back series and really concentrated on my breath. Once I get to the floor I'm home free.
Snatch vo2 tomorrow. Can't wait.



dbt1959 said...

Mark: been reviewing your blog recently though I had heard of you prior as one of the top rkc folks in the area. Really enjoy your posts on yoga; I work it in at least twice a week, more if I can, though not Bikram, simply the flow classes at Equinox sf. Find it a GREAT complement to kettlebells. Please ask Tracy to come up to Equinox sf and work with us on swings . . .

Rob O'Brien said...


I am LOVING the clubbells and am pumped for to get my 25lber.

I am also getting back into flow yoga this week (Flow Yoga covers a wide variety of yoga styles including; Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram and Baptiste)and am looking forward to it.


Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man,glad someone likes me posting strange things about yoga,lol.she has classes on Saturdays in Palo alto,you should come down.

Mark Reifkind said...


I am ready to order a pair of twentys and can't wait.I havent done anything but Bikrams so I can't say much about those other styles of yoga but all yoga is good I think.

Rob O'Brien said...

I am hooked on the clubbells! I just ordered another 15lb and 25lb clubbell. I am going to mainly use the 15's but want to work up to double swipes with the 25's so I can complete the "Trial By Fire". look it up on Youtube.com if you havd not heard of it.

I am excited about yogo tomorrow. I loved it when I was doing it. 97 degrees in the room. Good sweat!