Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sliding on a rail:Snatch Vo2 15:15

Another messed up week and we end up doing snatch vo2 today at 2 oclock after 7 hard clients. Lots of demos and not great sleep last night. Mark was a tired pup today but as usual Tracy pulled me through it.I love the RKC season but it plays havoc with my schedule; work and training, as well as my recovery. I needs LOTS of bodywork and stretching still as well as that old fashioned commodity: downtime.The harder I train the more real downtime I need.
That may not be for everyone but it is for me.
Otherwise I am just gritting my teeth and getting through it but usually that means the intensity is too high and one can only hammer that nail so low before bad things happen. Like getting sick or injury so I have to be really careful when the schedule gets crazy like this.But I got it done;even after bikrams yesterday. I swear though, I sweated every bit as much today in 30 minutes than I did yesterday in 90! LOL> No lie.Not loving it.Dehydration is no joke and it's slow to replace all the H20 and the minerals.

snatch vo2
50 sets of 7
25 mintues
350 reps
12,600 lbs

and that was it.very very happy I got through it at all much less all 50. I thought Tracy was only going to do 42 sets of 7 but with the 16 kg which I forgot to bring. Since she only used the 14 kg she decided to do 50 sets. Ugh. I would have been happy with 42 but hey it's just a few more minutes.
I knew from the start that I really had to maximize the momentum with each rep, really tame the arc and use the power of momentum to it's max if I was going to have a chance to get the reps I needed today. I was a bit beat.
and the main thing is, it got done. It worked really well, I tried to throw the bell down as hard as possible really saw the bell traveling on a 'virtual rail', in an better for me than the OL style more 'up and down' technique. at least for now and for speed and power.

possible new schedule

saturday : heavy snatch
sunday: bikrams
monday: off
tuesday: bikrams
wednesday : snatch vo2
thursday: off
Friday : optional bikrams

we'll see


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