Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Snatch Vo2, what a difference a breath makes.

Even though I spoke with Snatch Vo2 creator Kenneth Jay at the Danish RKC and got the of ok to use the super secret( please note tongue in cheek) double breathing technique that David Whitley figured out all on his lonesome,I had some reservations.
One, it was really getting hard to get my heartrate up high enough using it. Using biomechanical match Hardstyle breathing I was regularly getting high 180's and even 190's with 40-50 sets of 8 reps. With double breathing it was tough to get 170's.If I dont train with my HR in the right zone I won't get the adaptation I want so I figured it was time to go back again.I could do less work,relatively, and get more adaptation; not a bad idea. Allows for much longer progress at the least.
Two, I was starting to feel my lower back. There is much less core stabilization with an exhalation through the bottom position as exhalation activates TVA and produces a spine to navel movment! Not exactly the best thing for unstable or previously injured lumbar spines.Since in testing for max reps it will be an invaluable skill for I still have to train it regularly; just not everytime I snatch or with every weight.
Just "training at altitude effect". I just got off the phone with Dave Whitley about this very topic and told him of my plan. He said he could see using the high tension RKC power breathing for endurance work ( max vo2 or ssst training) as one would go to altitude to reduce the oxygen you could get and elicit a better cardiovascular adaptation.
Using the double breathing on the ten minute test would be like racing at sea level after training in Kenyan mountains for months.Still it is a skill that must be practiced too.
Three, the SPEED of the sets done with Hardstyle breathing were much faster than those with double breathing.As well as the power, as evidenced by the HS sets being at least 1 second faster each time. I did have to resort to some double breathing on some of the later sets as I was just gassing and I could see the set slow down a bit;only to pick right up as I held the breath in the bottom.
Makes total sense; a more rigid structure will better allow a faster transfer of force. Exactly why gymnasts work so hard to stay SO TIGHT during all gymnastics tricks.The tighter you are the better the transfer of power.
This also showed me I am not in the shape I was BUT this was the first time EVER I started with eight rep sets so I am very happy with that.

Snatch VO2 15:15
16 kg
40 sets of 8 reps
20 minutes
320 reps

11,520 lbs

wow, this was WAY TOUGH.It didnt help that it was close to 100 degrees in my fanless garage; no excuses.But the high tension breathing immediately made the difference from it's easier cousin well known. I didnt know how many sets I was going to do nor did I know when I stopped. I could barely breathe much less count hash marks but I knew it was enough. I was surprised when I realized I'd done forty. Max heartate at the end of 20 min was over 200!( it was wicked hot too, that helped.)

Overhead snatch holds
16kg x45 sec each arm x 4 sets
need to put these back in the rotation, they served me well and I still have a ways to go with my right shoulder overhead position.

Rack Walks
16 kg 1400 feet switching every 200 ft.
These have to be done but I hate them :))

BW 159.2
BF 8.9%
Water 60.8 %



Iron Tamer said...

Wow, it almost sounds scientifical.

Mark Reifkind said...

why thank you.

I think.

nikkiradene said...

Really interesting contrast, Sir. I'm hoping to learn the "SSDBT" sometime (RKC LA?) and see what it's like. :)

Impressive that you can go for 40 sets of 8 reps.... without even watching the set total throughout! It seems that's one of the major things keeping me going through a tough snatch workout.

("Just 5 more sets, go to at least 20... no 5 more, 25 would be better..... can I make it to 30? Do it, just do it...")

Kettlebell Instructors/0311 said...

Rif, please clarify water measurement which you close the blog with? My scientifical calculatums be broken.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks, I will be happy to show you at the LA cert. its very easy and natural and people pick it right up.
with my sets I just go by pain threshold sometimes,lol.I just go until i can't keep the bell speed up. I dont want to do slow soggy reps. BUT usually I have it mapped out much better. I've been all over the place the last few weeks. back on track now :))

Mark Reifkind said...

0311 guys,

I use the readout from my tanita inner scale scale. since the tanita measures bf according to water levels it's a good measurement to know.each drop or rise in h2o corresponds to a 1 % decrease or inccrease in bf on the scale.