Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to normal.

Ah, I can breathe again, lol. I thrive on stabilityand routine. Needless to say I am not a great traveler. Never have been although I have done my share. As basically a full time athlete for most of my life I always knew that my recovery was the limiting factor in my forward progress toward my competitive goalsI knew that active recovery and sheer 'feet up' rest were the keys to being able to handle heavier and harder training workouts.
It's as much a key factor for me as was any training template or nutritional program. I learned early on from the greats in every sport I trained in that training, eating, sleeping and recovering on a regular schedule, that the body came to depend and rely on, was vital for real progress.
I need to sleep, get up, train, eat, work and rest as much as possible at the same time all the time. Time and energy management are true keys to training success. So many don't understand this key component. Their workout times are not on their "books". I personally couldnt do anything that way, but hey, I'm a bit of a control freak :))
My general tenet was : first you live like a pro; then you get to be a pro.Not the other way around.
My wednesday snatch vo2 workout reset my body clock well and today just got me right back to normal. way cool.So, inspired by my Rite of Passage hi pull workout I used at the Danish RKC it was time to snatch. One day soon I will do all of this in ten minutes.

16kg x5/5x3

20 kgx 20/20
x 12/12

200 reps
8800 lbs

I got some video of my set of 12/12.

this was very easy and even the 20 reps per arm were great. teshnik feels solid as I long as I remember to use my 'stiff leg dl' style and NOT squat it.did too much of that wednesday and as before, my lumbar spine does not like worries.

24 kg
122 reps

not bad although my energy was waning just a bit. have to work these up over 200 and up

torch swings with 2 15 lb clubbells
these are great on the elbow/shoulders.

BW 158
BF 8.7%
water 60.9%

lean as I have been in 20 years.


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Andrew said...

Rif, Thanks for the vid footage. Training alone in isolation in Australia for the last 6 months, my lumbar spine and knees really took a beating from too much squating, this really showed me how to side-step some of those issues.

Thanks man.

// Andrew.