Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just go.

Thats what I told myself today as I pulled my head out of my ass trying to get ready to train.Just one of those days where life gets in the way of your workout and I ended up in the gym with virtually no mental prep for the session, something that really works my last good nerve.I have always taken great care to mentally prepare for my workouts as much as possible.Obviously more so when I was competing, but still even now; planning the workouts means progress. Just going in an doing whatever, willy nilly, never gets one very far.
But when I looked at my blog and saw that my last Snatch Vo2 with the 20 kg( what was on tap today) was 50 sets of 6 I was similtaneously discourage and encouraged at the same time.
Discourage because I knew there was no way that I could match or even think of besting it, and encouraged because I knew that was starting at a peak and I could go back to just 35 sets with my honor and machismo intact.
Course I wasnt too sure how hard 35 sets would be, lol.As it turned out, not bad at all.

From 6 am -12 noon
Z drills: 6 times full body( with each client)
rifga basic stretches

upward dog front panel stretch
downward dog hamstring/calf stretch
chek horse stance
kneeling shoulder stretch
downward dog tradtional yoga style( bilateral)
sumo squat stretch
squat rack stretch with stick

Snatch Vo2 15:15 20 kgs
16kgx5/5/x2 sets
20 kgx 35 sets of 6
210 reps
9240 pounds
ending HR 175

all of these were done with completely basic hardstyle technique :single breath and straight over the top punch through . No time or energy for games today. Just cut to the chase.I was making the reps with 2.5 sec to spare so I held the rep at the top til the cutoff.The snatch holds are helping here too.

Rack Walks
16 kg
1800 feet
switching every 200 feet. not too bad, just loathe doing these until I get started then I get motivated as they are always tough. which is why I hate to get started,lol.Knee and gait mechanics are both holding up very well

single arm casts CB
15 lb x12 x 8 sets alternating non stop each arm. just playing

weight is up to 159 thank God. Eating is back on track



Kettlebell Instructor 0311 said...

last night, from a real nice downward dog, I played around with the idea of 'wagging'. have you ever gone into DD and gently 'wagged' your airborne tail kinda from the lats? Felt awesome. Once that was clearly THE SH*T, I revisited Pavel's 'contralateral hand to calf grab' from a downdog. They both serve, though Pavel's move aggravates my torn levator, but I wanted to ask around about this move before I
A} bust it out on the forum a la video
b} Claim it as my newest revelation, and
C} eplore and explit it.

Any thoughts?

Gently wagging. . .

Joe Sarti said...

You get it done, always! that is a trait worthy of admiring and appreciating in a persons character. Through thick and thin.

Nice work as usual.

Shaf said...

Scott Sonnon's materials have a LOT of that sort of thing. Just an FYI.

Franz Snideman said...

Great mindset and way to attack the not so ideal training session. Nice!

I think Dan John calls them "punch the clock" workouts. Sometimes the real magic is just showing up and getting it done!

Mark Reifkind said...

I like the idea although the movement isnt one I need to work on( tightness for me isnt in that area).bust out the video and let the masses decide if it's usefull for them as well.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks joe,appreciate the kind words.

Cecilia Tom said...

The more downward dogs I do the more energized I am for KB work. Glad all the pros here agree!

@ 0311: I learned this qigong set called Marrow Washing Classic (practiced by the Shaolin monks) and there's an exercise called Dog Wagging Tail. Basically you're hinged forward from the hips, like in a good morning stretch, with the legs almost straight, and hands right above the knees, and you look over one shoulder while you wag your tail to the other side. I always feel the stretch in the legs pretty intensely. It's not quite the same as you described it, but if you do bust out with a youtube vid, just make sure you give it a different name!

Aaron Friday said...

Pulling your head out of your ass is a great feat. I've done it on occasion, but still can't figure out how it gets in there to begin with. Seems to happen overnight.

Brett Jones said...

Ah the old rectal-cranial inversion reversal procedure or the RCIRP - a seemingly daily feat for me ;)

Mark Reifkind said...


Thats freaking funny brett.