Monday, May 19, 2008

Power swings.

After Saturdays killer HS snatch workout( and the realization that my pace per set was at an 8 rep 15:15 mvo2 pace) I thought I might back that up with some 15:15 swing sets as well. With the 24 kg :)) Didnt know how many I could make but I thought it was worth a go.Not in the mood for a high volume slog through 600 swings.Quick and Dirty; hard and fast. I have done 10 reps per 15 sec work bout before but not with the 24 kg,as I recall so it was a total crap shoot.

One Arm Swings
24 kg
10 reps/arm
25 sets
250 reps 12.5 min
13,250 lbs

This was TOUGH! Still not sleeping for shit and was feeling pretty weak at the start but hey, at least I didnt have to use the 32 kg,lol.Many of the sets the gym boss went off and I still had one rep to do which means lots of the sets had only 10 sec rest. Ouch. Cardio wasn't too bad actually and hands help up well too.Needed some more volume but had enough one arms. Skipped transfers on saturday so this was a perfect time to make em up

H2H transfers 24 kg
150 reps
7950 lbs

total reps = 400
total lbs= 21,200 lbs( not bad)

These went well AFTER I remembered NOT to sit back but to finish my swing flat footed NOT on the heel only.If I do that it activates too much ab/lower back,taxes my grip and my shoulder.It's just not the right mechanics for me and I have to remember it. My swing speed and ease of movement picked up considerably after I stopped sitting so much.With my lumbo pelvic rythym if I hinge forward my hips go back; if I sit back I don't get the proper hip lean. I know, I'm strange. Like that's news :))

Snatch Holds
Had delusions of grandeur; thought I might use the 24 kg for this but after my first warmup for one minute with the 16 kg I came back to earth and reality. The 16 was quite enough load for today for 3 sets of one minute. I have really missed and need this exericse. GREAT corrective drill for me.
16 kg x60 sec x 3 sets /arm

Flag press and hold
15 lb CB x 10/10
25 lb CB x8/8x3 sets
these were great and MUCH harder with a two count freeze at the end of each rep,conciously activating as much total body tension as possible I think this movement will be alright as a high tension move. we'll see but I have a good feeling about it.

BW 158.4 oops
BF 9.1%
Water 60%

thought I felt light and lean.



Franklin B. Herman said...

That's a great idea of using 15:15 for 24kg 10rep/set one-hand swings. Twenty five sets of that is very tough .. nice work! Will give that a shot.

Why the "oops" on the weight? A BF% of 9.1 is excellent.

Mark Reifkind said...


it's just too light. I'm not trying to lose any more weight, just not much appetite lately.and yes the short work/rest interval swing sets are way cool I want to experiment with them and other time lengths more.

mc said...

Rif, if you're just starting with someone, do you get them going with a lighter bell to build their confidence in getting some decent length swing sets going?


Aaron Friday said...

Not like I'm the biomechanical swing expert or anything, but what you say seems perfectly normal to me. A normal weight distribution puts about half of the weight on the heel and the other half on the other parts of the foot. If you're on your heels exclusively, you're fighting to keep your balance via ab/lower back shit.

Mark Reifkind said...

I think it changes a lot because of body type. If you are 'squatter/hinger' versus a 'leaner/ hinger' you will probably be able to keep more weight on the heels and maintain balance and power.

Aaron Friday said...

Shouldn't matter how your hips move. Too far forward or backward is out of balance. Maybe an extra 10-20% on the heels is good for squatter types, and maybe an extra 10-20% forward is good for leaner types, but the feet need to be planted and flat overall for balanced performance.

I'm just a troll, but you're the guy who will teach it. 4 corners of the foot ~ keep them all pressurized and you've got a solid root.

Mark Reifkind said...


for building longer sets you must first use the weight that you can do get to the end goal, whatever that is. Then build up intensity and speed and then increase weight.
tracy's stuff is very good for learning how to do the longer sets.

Mark Reifkind said...


and yes, thanks for commenting! and welcome- please dont be a stranger here.

Mark Reifkind said...


true but everyone's 'lumbo pelvic rythym' is so one thinks about it is almost as important, imo, as what they try to do.but yes you are right, you must be in balance to exert maximal force optimally; whereever that is for you.

Aaron Friday said...

Lumbo pelvic rhythm sounds kinda sexy.