Sunday, March 04, 2018

Surprisingly strong ruck and gait breakthrough

I didn't expect this to go very well given how much volume we did yesterday. But it went great. Legs were loose and strong, the perfect combination, and while I didn't try to go very fast nothing locked up on me either

Really stretched my calves pre ruck and that seemed to help. Wore my old Salomon mid top boot as I expected it to be muddy but it wasn't. But I found that I think I prefer that height and weight boot. Next purchase but these should last at least two more years , lol.

Sand was soft though. just not muddy.

One thing I did seem to figure out, or, re remember was to shift my weight on each step more distinctly. Not quite David Wecks head over foot technique( that never got to feel natural no matter how much I tried although it did feel "right") but an actual shift into single leg stance more completely, AS the opposite leg went through swing phase.

It shortened my stride a bit but it seemed to help with a lot of things and my arches and mid metatarsal did as well. I think I've been overstriding and not shifting my pelvis enough. In fact I'm sure of it

The shift also reminds me of GS technique in the snatch where the opposite side to weight bearing is the 'drive' leg and then the shift over to support. Hard to describe but it is very similar. At least in  my mind

It really seemed to make a difference. All those marching with single leg pauses are paying off :)

50 lb Ruck
12 laps
11 isometric squat holds
No timed laps

PRE 6.5

BW 169.2
BF 13.1
W 55.6

Back to 5x5 presses tomorrow and some back squats as I start prep for the SFL cert in May


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