Sunday, March 18, 2018

Strong ruck

Had to skip Thursday ruck for work so I was a bit worried whether the rest would help me or de condition me.

Seems to have been neutral. Felt like normal. Right foot was fine and I literally didn't feel it til the last five minutes walk home from the park. The new gait was more automatic and smoother and it was good

My back was tight a bit upon awakening from the deads yesterday, which did have me worried, but moving about and some bodymaintenance shook it out quickly. I just can't tolerate much barbell work and I can't forget that. I will have to be very very careful as I approach this cert.

Calves were very tight when I started and it took an hour for them to loosen up! But, they did.

50 lb Ruck
2 hours
12 laps
11 iso squats stretches

BW 169.6
BF 13.1
W 56.1

ok 162.5 presses tomorrow. Still gotta stretch out more and prepare


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