Sunday, March 25, 2018


Good one today. Not great as legs and glutes were heavy and tight at the start ( go figure :) ) but after 3 or so laps they actually opened up well and I had some decent speed. Couldn't go too fast or they would re tighten but all was well.
New gait held but I tried to think about it less, be less mechanical and just feel it. Worked fine. Foot pain was nil til last lap and it wasn't pain but fatigue. After two hours I'll take it. And now, as I write this 5 hours later no problem at all

Cool crisp and basically perfect rucking weather

50lb Ruck
12 laps
11 iso squats
2 hours on the nose

BW 168.4
BF 12.5
W 56.5

almost exactly as yesterday!

going to play with some new ideas on the press tomorrow and will probably take some singles to see how it holds up . This lift is like sumo, it's all easy til it's heavy


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